Children are a gift from God

Children are a gift from God

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Did you know?

 That Elementary School students who journal:

  1. Have a safe place to develop their writing skills and therefore become more confident writers.
  2. Develop the skill of expressing a thought in the form of a sentence and in time, they progress to expressing concepts in the form of a paragraph and eventually to writing a story.
  3. Create a positive writing experience: with freestyle journaling they are writing about their own interests, thoughts and experiences.

 That Middle School students who journal:

  1. Create a place of record for their experiences and therefore areas of uniqueness can be identified and celebrated.
  2. Experience relief from unpleasant situations without hurting themselves or someone else: both physically or emotionally.
  3. Become better problem solvers: journaling clears the mind and consequently frees the mind to produce more creative solutions.

 That High School students who journal:

  1. Increase the probability of achieving their goals when they journal both their goals and the progression toward their goals.
  2. Before bed, journaling creates a calming effect which can lead to improved sleep.
  3. Improve self-awareness